News Release

To: Watershed News Media

Date: January 5, 2010

Cataraqui Source Protection staff to make presentations to municipal councils

The Cataraqui Source Protection Committee is making a series of presentations to municipal councils from January to March 2010. As part of a province-wide initiative, the 16-member committee is working with the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority on technical studies and policies that will help to protect local sources of drinking water. 

“We will be visiting with each of our 12 municipal councils to bring them up-to-date on our progress with drinking water source protection,” said Rob McRae, Source Protection Project Manager.

“The next step in our process is the publication of a draft assessment report and then we will start working on a source protection plan. Municipalities will have a lot of involvement during this part of the project and it’s important that they are kept well informed.”

The public is also welcome to attend these council presentations.

Where space permits, there will be a small display set up and Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority staff will be available to answer questions following the presentations.

The schedule for council meetings is as follows:

Except where noted, all meetings take place at 7:00 p.m. in the municipal council chambers.

More details about drinking water source protection are available on the website.

Media contacts for more information:

Karla Maki-Esdon, Communications Coordinator (613) 546-4228 ext. 226 or 1-877-956-CRCA ext. 226

Rob McRae, Project Manager (613) 546-4228 ext. 224 or 1-877-956-CRCA ext. 224



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