Cataraqui Source Protection Plan - November 2014

The Cataraqui Source Protection Plan has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and becomes effective on April 1, 2015. This plan serves to help protect the source water for municipal drinking water supplies and sensitive groundwater areas across the Cataraqui area. Please read this Primer for an overview of the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan.

Source Protection Plan Chapters

A PDF of the entire Cataraqui Source Protection Plan can be downloaded here. You may also refer to the Interactive Maps page to learn how the Cataraqui Source Protection Plan affects municipal decision and local residents in each of the vulnerable areas.

Because the file size of the entire Cataraqui Source Protection Plan is large, it is also posted in sections below.

For a summary of the Plan see our summary page.

View the Source Protection Plan summary in French here.

Preface Materials - Acknowledgements, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Schedules, List of Appendices, List of Acronyms, Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Overview

  • 1.1 Purpose
  • 1.2 Plan Objectives
  • 1.3 Vision
  • 1.4 Application of the Plan
  • 1.5 How to Read this Plan
  • 1.6 End Users of the Source Protection Plan

Chapter 2 Introduction

  • 2.1 Drinking Water Source Protection in Ontario
  • 2.2 Source Water Protection at the Local Level
  • 2.3 Cataraqui Source Protection Area
  • 2.4 Policy Context for Protecting Water
  • 2.5 Development of the Source Protection Plan
  • 2.6 Matters Shared with Neighbouring Jurisdictions

Chapter 3 Implementation

  • 3.1 General Responsibilities
  • 3.2 Legal Effect of Policies
  • 3.3 Timeline for Implementation
  • 3.4 Annual Reporting to the Ministry of the Environment
  • 3.5 Review and Amendment

Chapter 4 Policies for all Vulnerable Areas

  • 4.1 Overview
  • 4.2 Raw Water Quality Sampling
  • 4.3 Emergency and Spill Response
  • 4.4 Education and Outreach Programs
  • 4.5 Incentive Programs
  • 4.6 Research Initiatives
  • 4.7 Provincial and Municipal Programs, Policies and Procedures

Chapter 5 Policies for Regional Areas of Sensitive Groundwater

  • 5.1 Overview
  • 5.2 Education and Outreach Programs
  • 5.3 Research and Monitoring Initiatives
  • 5.4 On-site Sewage System Maintenance
  • 5.5 Land Use Planning and Development

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Chapter 6 Policies for Wellhead Protection Areas

  • 6.1 Overview
  • 6.2 Policies for all Wellhead Protection Areas
  • 6.3 Policies Specific to Cana Wellhead Protection Area
  • 6.4 Policies Specific to Lansdowne Wellhead Protection Area
  • 6.5 Policies Specific to Miller Manor Wellhead Protection Area

Chapter 7 Policies for Surface Water Intake Protection Zones

  • 7.1 Overview
  • 7.2 Policies for all Intake Protection Zones
  • 7.3 Policies Specific to Sydenham Intake Protection Zone
  • 7.4 Policies Specific to Brockville Intake Protection Zone
  • 7.5 Policies Specific to James W. King (Gananoque) Intake Protection Zone
  • 7.6 Policies Specific to Point Pleasant and Kingston Central Intake Protection Zones
  • 7.7 Policies Specific to Bath Intake Protection Zone

References and Glossary of Terms

Schedules (Maps) - these are posted individually because of file sizes


Appendices B to D

Policy Reference Number Conversion Table

Explanatory Document for the Source Protection Plan

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To view a printed copy of the Source Protection Plan

Please call the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority Administration Office at 1641 Perth Road, Glenburnie (Kingston) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. A copy will be made available for you to view.

Source Protection Plan - 2014

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