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Cataraqui Source Protection Committee MeetingThe Cataraqui SPC consists of 16 members, including a Chair. The selection of the Chair followed a separate process from the selection of the committee members. Interviews were done by the Cataraqui SPA and the names of recommended candidates were sent to the Minister of the Environment. The Minister appointed John Williamson of Inverary as the Chair of the SPC.

For the members of the SPC, one-third must be from each of the following sectors: municipal; economic and other public interests. These requirements are set out in the regulations. The division of seats within these sectors and how these members will be selected has been left up to individual source protection authorities, so that the SPC can reflect local conditions.

SPC Composition Rationale

The assignment of seats within each sector was done by the Cataraqui Source Protection Authority (SPA) based on land use characteristics, water use and potential influences on water.

Municipal Sector
The five municipal seats are a requirement under the regulation. The seats have been allocated geographically as follows:

  • One seat from the western area (Greater Napanee and Loyalist).
  • Two seats from the central area (Frontenac Islands, Kingston and South Frontenac).
  • Two seats from the eastern area (Athens, Brockville, Elizabethtown-Kitley, Front of Yonge, Gananoque, Leeds and Thousand Islands, Rideau Lakes).

This distribution is based on population, land area and the locations of municipal drinking water systems.

Economic Sector
The division of seats in the economic sector is based on percentage of land use, water usage and potential impacts on water.

Since agriculture represents a significant percentage of the land area within the Cataraqui SPA, it has been assigned two seats.

Tourism and recreation represent the small business component of the economic sector. Because of the nature of the area, there are a significant number of tourism and recreation businesses that depend upon water for their activities. These include marinas, tour boat operators, campgrounds and resorts. The area also includes a significant number of golf courses. All of these recreational uses rely heavily on water. They can also have a significant impact on water due to their locations and the nature of their operations. Because of this, the tourism and recreation sector is also assigned two seats.

Large industries that use significant quanitities of water, or rely on water transport, are located along the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River shoreline. Many of these industries are located in the western portion of the Cataraqui SPA. Large industry is assigned one seat.

Other Public Interest Sector
In the other public interest sector, the Cataraqui SPA includes a large number of lakes and a significant population of cottagers. Cottagers and shoreline residents can have a tremendous impact on and be affected by the quality of the water in the lakes. Most of the lakes are in the headwaters of our watersheds. Water quality upstream can dramatically affect downstream water quality where many of the municipal drinking water sources are located. We are including one lake association representative on the SPC.

Environmental organizations have an important role to play in drinking water source protection. We have included one representative on the SPC.

We have also included three members of the general public on the SPC.

SPC Member Selection Process

The selection process for Source Protection Committee members varied depending on the sector.

For the municipal sector, members were selected by the groupings of municipalities shown above.

The agricultural sector selected its own representatives to the SPC. This was done through community meetings organized by the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

For the industry and tourism/recreation sectors, we worked with business owners and industries to develop a self-selection process.

The existing Cataraqui Lake Stewards Network was used to help the lake associations select a representative. Applications from interested lake association members were reviewed by the Cataraqui SPA.

Applications from environmental organizations and the general public were solicited by advertising for these positions. We also contacted environmental organizations by mail and e-mail to advise them of the opportunity to participate in the SPC.

SPC Membership

The committee members have all been appointed. A list of the committee members and who they represent is provided below.


  • John Williamson, Inverary

Municipal Sector

  • Deputy Mayor Richard Bresee, Loyalist Township
  • Mayor Gary Davison, South Frontenac Township
  • Kevin Riley, Utilities Kingston
  • John Conley, Athens Township
  • Peter Raabe, City of Brockville

Economic Sector

  • Kim Sytsma, Athens - Agriculture
  • Jeff Peters, Inverary - Agriculture
  • Robert Cumming, Bath - Large Industry
  • Chris Mangan-Greene, Gananoque - Tourism and Recreation
  • Scott Ewart, Mallorytown - Tourism and Recreation

Other Sector

  • Nona Mariotti, Loughborough Lake - Lake Association
  • Richard Lindgren, Wolfe Island - Environmental Association
  • Kathleen Laird, Kingston - Public
  • Alex Palilionis, Inverary - Public
  • Jacques Labelle - Public

View SPC member biographies here.


The Cataraqui Source Protection Committee is governed by the provisions of the Clean Water Act, 2006 and its regulations.

It has also established its own rules of procedure, By-law 2007-01 in December 2007. This includes a code of conduct and a conflict of interest policy. View a copy of this document here.



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