Studies and Reports

drogue for measuring water currentsThe present focus of our activities is on collecting and analyzing data and preparing background studies on various aspects of drinking source water protection.

These studies range from broad general overviews of the Cataraqui Source Protection Area to very specific studies examining individual water intakes or wellheads.

Broad-based studies include the Watershed Characterization Report, Water Budget and Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment Report.

Studies have also been done to fill in information gaps, for example, to examine groundwater in the Township of Frontenac Islands. Groundwater studies had been previously prepared for the balance of the Cataraqui Source Protection Area, but no studies had been done for Frontenac Islands.

Studies of individual municipal wellheads and water intakes are completed. These studies include:

  • Sydenham Intake Protection Zone
  • Lansdowne Wellhead Protection Area
  • Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River Intake Protection Zones
  • Cana Subdivision Wellhead Protection Area
  • Miller Manor Wellhead Protection Area.

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All of the information contained in these studies will be used to develop an Assessment Report in 2010 and a Source Protection Plan in 2011 and 2012.

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