Terms of Reference

frog on a log One of the first jobs of the Cataraqui Source Protection Committee was to prepare a document called a terms of reference (ToR) under the Clean Water Act.

What is it?

A terms of reference is basically a work plan for the source protection planning process.

What does it do?

It guides and defines research and planning, assigns roles and responsibilities, establishes timelines and estimates funding.

Approval of the Document

The ToR was subject to public review and comment and was submitted to the Minister of the Environment on September 25, 2008.

The Cataraqui Source Protection Area's terms of reference (ToR) was approved by the Minister of Environment on May 11, 2009 under the Clean Water Act. Notice is posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights website (posting 010-6560 at www.ebr.gov.on.ca). Click here to see the posting.

Mission Statement

The SPC’s mission statement, included in the ToR, stresses cooperation with local communities and Ontario’s government to protect water quality and quantity. This happens through consensus-based decisions reached in an open and consultative manner. That involves the region’s 200,000 residents in all or parts of 12 municipalities in three counties spanning 3,600 sq km of the Source Protection Area.

The Cataraqui Source Protection Area is geographically complex. It includes 12 major watersheds draining into Lake Ontario or the St. Lawrence River. About three-quarters of the area’s residents live in areas served by municipal residential drinking water systems. Outside these areas, a significant number of private systems are at risk from bacterial contamination.

The ToR outlines specific considerations for future assessment activities within the Cataraqui Source Protection Area. Protecting the source water for all municipal residential drinking water systems is the primary goal. Research has begun on all of the 12 existing municipal residential systems. Vulnerable groundwater areas on the broader landscape are also being considered. Other drinking water systems may be included later under certain conditions.

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Studies and Reports

Watershed Characterization Report

Assessment Report

Source Protection Plan

Terms of Reference

Because of the file sizes of the maps, the document has been broken into sections.

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Conservation Ontario

Government of Ontario

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